The Milk Factory Gallery-
1st June onwards 2021
             Steadfast Moon   Pop Up Gallery 2
             Please contact me on 0417249340 or gallery director Shirley Becke on 02 48621077 for purchase inquiries from 10 to 4pm daily.

Click on each image for size and prices.
Bright Star-Homage to Keats 80x 80cm SOLD
Symphony in Blue_100 x 100cm $2900
Hawkesbury River Dreaming 150x50cm $2800 SOLD
Under a Blue Moon 2 70 x 50cm SOLD
Owl By Moonlight  19 x 52cm
Yellow Cests Are Cool 2 34 x 27cm SOLD
Yellow Crests are Cool 1 34 x 29cm SOLD
The Last Calls_90x 120 Triptych_acrylic,
The Night Settles In 80x 80cm
Shadow Lands 80x 80cm
Koala Calling 80 x 80cm SOLD
Under a Blue Moon 3 70 x 50cm
Starry Night 52 x 82cm
Reflections 80x 80cm diameter
The Kooka Fam 62 x62cm
Tete a Tete 62 x 62cm
The Watchers 62 x 62cm
Hawkesbury Moon no 4 42 x 42cm
Hawkesbury Moon no 1 42 x 42cm
Highland Moos No 1 92 x 68cm
Moos with a View 80x 80cm diameter
Highland Moos No 2 92 x 68cm