The Milk Factory Gallery-

1st June onwards 2021

                            Steadfast Moon   Pop Up Gallery 2

             Please contact the gallery directors Shirley or Jim Becke for purchase inquiries.

Click on each image for size and prices.
The Final Calls 120 x 80cm
Steadfast Moon 80 x 80cm
The Night Settles In 80x 80cm
Shadow Lands 80x 80cm
Koala Calling 80x 80cm
6. Koala Spotting No  1 29 x 80cm
7. Koala Spotting No 2 29 x 80cm
Under a Blue Moon 2 70 x 50cm
Under a Blue Moon 3 70 x 50cm
Under a Blue Moon 1 70 x 50cm
Starry Night 52 x 82cm
Reflections 80x 80cm diameter
The Kooka Fam 62 x62cm
Tete a Tete 62 x 62cm
The Watchers 62 x 62cm
Into the Blue (32 x 82cm)
Hawkesbury River Dreaming 150 x 48cm
Full Moon Rising 60 x 60cm
Highland Moos No 1 92 x 68cm
Moos with a View 80x 80cm diameter
Highland Moos No 2 92 x 68cm